The contemporary site of Kotroni is located about 30 km north of Athens. It has a commanding view of the well watered, fertile valley of Kalentzi, Kapandriti and Kiourka (contemporary Afidnes). The traveller G. Finlay (1838, 403) describes it as an isolated hill rising “to the height of several hundred feet. On its summit there are remains of an ancient fortress, and traces of habitation on its sides […] the hill is beautifully situated overlooking the fine undulated and well-wooded country through which the river of Marathon flows”. Situated in the ancient Athenian district of Diacria, the site lies north of the river Marathon (Charadra), which springs from Mount Parnes and originally flowed out to the coast of Marathon. Today the river feeds a large artificial reservoir completed in 1929. Lake Marathon and its surrounding area is a protected biotope popular with hikers due to its scenic beauty, and an invaluable natural/cultural resource for the local and Athenian communities.